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In-App Transaction Confirmation

Free, 0 charge Transactions (eCash)

Multi Coin Function (Coming Soon)

API Development

Accept any FIAT currency (as available on the Evens Platform)

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Evens Ecosystem

Join the Evens business ecosystem to grow your business opportunities on Blockchain

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Evens Blockchain

Evens Blockchain is based in Ethereum, with Evens Coin written with Ethereum’s ERC20 Token Standard as EVNS.

Evens’ Public Blockchain is launched for use. Follow this link to see live mining.


How Evens’ Blockchain uses POA (Proof of Authorization)


(A) Apply: The DApp Player uploads into to system their business plans, whitepapers, compensation plans, team members, and legal data for project progress so far.


(B) Evaluation and approval from the user-elected Authentication Team: The team consists of elected blockchain, business, and law & regulation specialists. This team handles and approves applications based on provided data.


(C) Evens DApp Evaluation Process consists of randomly selected token holders, random selected general portal user (KYC verified), and the elected Authentication Team.

Selected DApps get evaluated based on their project. If you receive more than 51% of the votes, you will be automatically selected for the next stage.

Applicants that get support of 51% or more from the voting pool will have their ICO Page automatically open for public viewing on Evens Community Pages.

They can now get funded through the Evens Community Platform.


(D) Rewards: All participants involved in the Evaluation Process will get rewards based on each business transaction.


(E) Cashing in through the Trading Floor: The Reward Coin, Project Coin, Evens Coin and so on can be traded at the Evens Trading Floor. All of this is automated through smart contract.



The Evens mining pool is set up to allow mining only within the designated network and operates the mining pool directly.

This will eliminate the obligation to pay to separate miners and allows immediate payment

Evens follows the POA or Proof of Authorization protocol to confirm blocks.
apply to be a localized miner

Transparency & Trackability

Track Every Single Transaction that takes place on the Evens Network. Tracking will be used to trace illegal or suspect transactions. All transactions on Evens are transparent and open to public.

Evens will comply with regulations of every nation it has presence in. Efforts against money laundering will be a priority as Evens seeks to be a legitimate cryptocurrency operation of our time.

View Evens Coin on Etherscan, the Ethereum block explorer.
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