IDAX will hold an evens airdrop event

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The Evens Airdrop event is held only for residents in India and businesses related to India.

Hello, IDAX March 15th, IDAX will hold an evens airdrop event only for residents of India and businesses related to India. (Airdrop means that some of the company’s reserves are provided free of charge for marketing purposes.)

Airdrop events are available to the following people:

* Koreans or foreigners residing in India

* Businessmen and executives and employees operating in India


* IDAX Exchange Member Registration > Download Evens’ Wallet >

Free supply quantity

1,000 * 200 = 200,000

How to check delivery residence: As an Indian corporation, please text the following information to the India telephone number (917338815635). If the recipient is in Korea or abroad, he or she is not eligible for the airdrop. Only foreign and foreign companies living in India are applicable.

* Apply for airdrop.

* Evens-bag Etherium Address :

Detailed Procedure Guidance

1. Join the IDAX Exchange (I have a link to how to sign up.)

2. Download Evens Wallet (Android only)

Search from Android to Even

If you download your wallet and sign up as a member,

The following screen will be available:


Evens said he’s not the only one in the public block chain

Based on Etherium Addresses, the

The system will operate.

That is, the etherium address of the wallet is

This is the address of the entire Evens service.

As you can see, Etherium, evenscoin

And it’s made up of evens ecash

Now, to get your account number,

Click the evens wallet address.


If you double-click on it, you’ll see your address.

If you text me this address, I’d like you to send me an evenscoin.

I’ll airdrop you.

Only until the airdrop is exhausted.

Coin payments are collected in full.

August 15, 2019 (India Day, Korea Gwangbokjeol)

We’ll make a lump sum payment.

Evens Coin March 15th to be listed on the main browse, available for trading.

Participate in the Evens Project

* How to use evenscoin

– Listed coins on IDAX, the world’s top 10 exchanges on March 15.

(Can be cashed in Korea)

바이 스코 인으로 샵 – 이 (

Product will be available for purchase

– Just like the cash of the Bank of India in Evenscoin.

Available (see( Scheduled




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