IDAX KYC Authentication

Author: evensadmin

IDAX KYC authentication.

First, see here how to sign up.

Go to My Information (MY).

Personal Info

You can go in.

Click Authentication


The first screen that pops


Click Other

After choosing the country as Korea,

Passport, driver’s license, national ID.

Passport, please.

Enter the corresponding information

I have to give two certifications.

Like a painting, one with an I.D., and

One is a photo taken with an ID card.

In my case, I took a picture of my passport,

I put it up, I took my passport, and I took a picture.

I took a picture.

Then, the application is complete.

If you wait, you’ll be certified.

If I were rejected,

Photographs and documents

Check it again or take a picture.

You can apply again.

Tips, for the iPhone. I’m going to go abroad.

Because of residence, IDAX is

Installation failed. in that case

You can do it as follows.

It’s not approved.

It means no.

Click on General

Click Device Manager

Click on the appropriate content

Click Trust

Click Verify

So, anywhere in the world,

The IDAX app is available.

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