Evens Coin is a Multi-layered Blockchain platform. We’ve created a permissioned ledger network that enables organisations to accept and send assets – faster, cheaper and more secure than ever before.

Our Blockchain offers instant transactions, scalable to the needs of our clients. We offer a way for users to buy coupons of their local currency that is linked to the value of their own fiat currency.

For our merchants we offer a free Point-of-Sale (POS), NFC and mobile payment option with many other features to drive their business.

Evens solves the problem of real-world acceptance for cryptocurrencies. We make it easy for users to buy and spend. In order to spend our currency, we are actively growing a huge merchant network and already have agreements with more than 350,000 mechants.

In order to buy our currency we use a patented coupon system we called Evens Cash, or eCash, that essentially enables users to buy coupons linked to their local currency. That way, a user not only has a local merchant network to spend their eCash, but can also travel globally and be sure not to rely on volatile cryptomarkets.

With our PoA, the right to become validators is distributed amongst all Coin Holders and Verified Community Members, sharing the incentive to retain the integrity of our blockchain platform. By attaching a responsibility to ownership, validators are incentivized to uphold blockchain processes, as they do not wish to have their assets attached to a negative reputation. This is considered more democratic compared with the way other blockchains are run.

For ICO Startups & Investors: the aim of a two-step verification process is to find and stop fraudulent ICOs from stealing from investors. Our platform is made to give true entrepreneurs access to the world of Blockchain and to join investors with verified ICOs.

For Merchants: free POS software with NFC, instant transfers, global payments, a sophisticated reward program and 0 transaction fees.

For Utility: easy to buy cryptocurrency, coupons linked with local currency, convertible to other currencies when travelling, easy to use in real-life situations due to huge merchant network and free P2P use.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please mail us at contact@evenscoin.io or check our private ICO pages.

We already have a working wallet solution currently in use. If you’re interested, you can ping us at contact@evensccoin.io or full our contact form.

    1. We work intensively to make our solution compliant to regulations in different countries, starting with Korea, India, Thailand and Hong Kong. Before we launch, we make sure to comply with regulations in each country.
    2. To comply, we’ve created a coupon system that mirrors the value of your FIAT currency. This allows you to experience the true utilitarianist feature of our product.
    3. Regular withdrawal limits will be set on coupon-fiat exchanges. These limits are set by the regional governing authorities.

We created a total of 100,000,000,000 (One Hundred Billion) EVNS Coins, to aid our global vision for our project.

50% of the minted Coins will be immediately available in the market: 30% through sales & 20% distributed amongst our Founding teams.

5,000,000,000 (5 Billion) EVNS will be released into  circulation every year after launch of our public blockchain.

The goal is to have all of the available Coins in circulation within 15 years.

The following are some terms that readers may not come by in other projects.


1. Evens Token = ICO Token, based on Ethereum’s ERC20

2. Evens Coin = Post ICO Coin – ERC20 Token will be exchanged for Evens Coin

3. Evens Cash = Utility Coupon, based on Evens Private Blockchain

4. Reward Points = Evens Rewards System. Dormant Coins used as Referral Coupons

5. Dormant Coins = Coins that cannot be used by the first holder.

6. Active Coins = Coins that gain value after being shared as a referral.