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  1. Introduction to Evens

Equity of Opportunity Overcoming the limitations of the existing financial system For more people, by Global Evens teams.

Innovation way to solve traditional financial system is to use blockchain technologies. But it needs to be use public blockchain and private blockcahin either traditional financial system too.

The representative public coin is bitcoin, which is hard to use in real life. it’s reason to take a longtime to confirmation, need more transfer fee even though small transaction. so that’s why we’re looking at the other way.

That’s why we’re using private blockchain technology. Use it to make immediate payments, handle large transactions, Public Coin Delivers Lower Fee and connect with Use a raise strategy.


(1) Real-Time Settlement Now Possible Globally.

Transaction fee for P2P Transactions is 0
1,790 TPS (Transactions Per Second) Currently
Testing up to 5,000 TPS soon.
Convenient payments with QR Code, NFC
NFC Payment Patent

(2) Transparency of transactions

Evens is a block chain technology
Cannot be modified after confirmed
Recorded on the Block chain Forever
It cannot be hacked
Transactions are transparent – open for public viewing

(3) Reward system to Coin-holder

After launching main-net of Evenscoin, we will running lot of business with open api. while we get profit from their business we will be sharing deactivated coin(we call, evercoin) depends on profit result from business, then, coin-holders can rewards through evercoin, let’s see more, if coin holder get ever-coin, first (s)he have to donate the other persons, the other users get evercoin, then (s)he can transfer ecash from ever(the amount is half price from original market value), after then while (s)he use ecash, coin-holder can get reward same ecash while user spending.

(4) Evenswallet & ether address

Whenever user make evens wallet, all wallet address is made by etherieum based. so all ehterieum users will be our users.

(5) Simple Payment gateway for Developers.

  • We will be service open API for developers and retailers.
  • Any business man can sales all of the world by evens open api payment gateway.
  • We serve cheapest fee for all transaction(1~2%) for business purpose
  • Simple integration with your shopping mall, and Apps.

(6) All business legal proceedings.

Korea, Thailand, India, etc. all country’s team within the regulatory and legal boundaries of each country. we’re going to go ahead and do it by law. so that we protect all legal issues for participants and partners. and contribute each nation’s blockchain business.

  • Signing 10,000 MOUs at Thai Hotels.
  • China 350,000 retailers MOU (YOUA Groups)

Why Must Have coin Evens?

  • Utility coin (Easy way switch cyrpto to fiat money)
  • Convenient (Easy use payment tools at all retailers)
  • Easy transfer your asset to digital asset.
  • Future value
  • Make true value technology coin in real life by block chain.
  • Business applications are hing

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