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Payable anywhere in the world

I’m working on an even stay.

We’ve got a client who’s been working with evens coin and evens cash

If you have, you don’t have to have a public certification, but you’re gonna have to have to have a separate complex.

Payment will be made in even wallet without procedure.

(Events’ packs are available on Android.)

You can search. The iPhone will be open soon.)

The hotel information associated with evens

It comes out on the date I want.

Now, evens has 10,000 hotels in Thailand,

It’s a franchise agreement, so it’s arranged sequentially.

also Indian guest house, Indian hotel

The lanterns will be raised sequentially.

From anywhere in the world in the future,

Easily with Evens cash and evens coin

Payment will be made possible.

Of course, you can also pay with the existing payment tool.

It’s a card, it’s a cash.

Hotel and Guest House  a merchant module

There are many different functions.

Solutions are available free of charge.

We will also work on the Korean language.

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