Evens Coin

Solving real-world problems of cryptocurrency.


Evens adopts cryptocurrency by solving three major problems:

1. Difficulty to acquire

2. Volatility of cryptocurrencies

3. Difficulty to spend in real life


How do we solve this?

Through Evens’ patented

utility coupon system

users can buy eCash online as well as offline at merchant counters.

Our launching markets are:

Thailand: ECH-THB

Korea: ECH-KRW

India: ECH-INR

Hong Kong: ECH-HKD

NO transaction Fees*

Free NFC-enabled Point-of-Sale solution,
Attractive reward program,
Free local advertisement,

Quick integration,

Full reporting platform included Immediate Payments at Visa-level speed

Higher Efficiency

Instant Payment 1790 TPS*

More Opportunity

Evens Ecosystem 350,000+ Outlets Pledged

No Fees

Free P2P & Customised Biz Solutions

FIAT Withdrawals

Regionally Regulated

Real Utility

Retail Payments

Global Payments

Pay Any Currency*

Evens Solution

Our open API endpoints allow anyone to write or linked applications with our system. Our API offers:

Real Time Transactions

In-App Transaction Confirmation

Free, 0 charge Transactions (eCash)

Multi Coin Function (Coming Soon)

Google Play store page

iOS Version: Coming Soon.

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Evens Ecosystem

Evens is building the largest global community aimed at crossing the usability gap between crypto and real world payments

We enable everyone to acquire and spend cryptocurrencies just as easily as with FIAT. All components of our solution enable organisations and individuals to independently and collectively grow the Evens ecosystem.


We are, therefore, a B2B2C solution as we are focusing on several elements at once: giving merchants the opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies (with our free POS system) and enabling an ecosystem of users (by providing ecash linked to local currencies).


In fact we already have initiated partnership with large merchants in our launching markets. Currently, Evens has MOUs with China’s YOUA Group and Thailand’s LTB Co. which together bring over 350,000 franchise outlets, hotels and travel packages into Evens’ Ecosystem.

Travel Packages